About EN:Able Communities

What's our 'Big Idea'?

Efficiency North established EN:Able Communities CIO in August 2015. EN:Able Communities is a Registered Charity, Number 1163304, registered in England and Wales.

Any surplus generated by Efficiency North, plus regeneration funds generated by EN:Procure’s procurement frameworks, are gifted to EN:Able Communities CIO. We then gift these funds on through supporting Employment and Training opportunities in areas where our member social landlords work, or through the EN:Able Community Investment Fund. This ensures that EN:Procure’s frameworks not only make savings for Efficiency North's social housing landlord members, but also provide real cash benefits for their tenants and wider communities.

The charity appointed Simeon Perry as Head of Operations in November 2017 to drive the charity forward in its next phase of growth. 

Simeon works alongside the EN:Procure Social Value team to forge deeper, closer working relationships with social housing landlord members, contractors and suppliers, community groups and local employment groups, to achieve real change.

Find out more on the Charities Commission website HERE.

Please get in touch with Simeon Perry if you have any queries E:simeon.perry@efficiencynorth.org