About Us

Efficiency North established EN:Able Communities CIO in August 2015 in order to promote the regeneration of communities in Yorkshire and Humber. Our strategy was then further focused in 2019 to concentrate on using employment and skills support to achieve this aim.

Any surplus generated by Efficiency North, plus regeneration funds generated by EN:Procure’s procurement frameworks, are gifted to the charity. These funds are then spent in a variety of ways in order to provide support to a diverse range of people and communities.

Our Funding

The three main ways in which our funding is spent are:

  1. Projects – grants for for unique and innovative programmes that support our aims.

  2. Social Mobility Fund – a grant scheme that is designed to provide funding to projects that aim to improve Social Mobility across Yorkshire and Humber.

  3. Apprentice Support  – grants to help both hire and keep apprentices in work.

External Funding

2019 saw EN:Able Communities branch out into new revenue streams, applying for grants and funding to allow us to begin creating and supporting local projects, delivering high quality training and social mobility programmes across the North of England.

Our externally funded high impact programmes, such as the Humber Construction Hub in Hull, have led to over 1000 people so far being engaged in a career in construction, with almost 800 of these taking part in a training programme aimed to get them employment and site ready.

More Information

If you have any questions about EN:Able Communities, please get in touch with Simeon Perry at simeon.perry@efficiencynorth.org.

EN:Able Communities is a Registered Charity, Number 1163304, registered in England and Wales.

Find out more on the Charities Commission website HERE.