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EN:Able Build Ltd (ENB) is a professional services company specialising in the delivery of affordable housing across the North of England. We have an established pipeline of opportunities aimed at delivering new affordable homes to site. Highlights include the delivery of 30 new homes in Harworth This scheme was stuck in planning for 6 years before EN:Able Build successfully diverted it into affordable housing.  We also brokered the development of 93 new homes on a six acre site in Tinsley, Sheffield.

We work in close partnership with landowners, developers, local authorities, and Efficiency North's membership of Registered Providers of social housing to deliver new homes.  We undertake the following:

Land Promotion Services

We work in partnership with landowners to determine and achieve their objectives.  We’re well-placed to advise expertly on the optimum strategy for the promotion of their particular greenfield or brownfield site and secure planning permission for residential development, within the context of both the Local Plan and Planning Application processes.

EN:Able Build’s first housing development to go on site in early 2019 was brought forward through a Land Promotion Agreement. It was completed by contractor Hobson and Porter at the end of the year, with families moved in to 24 new homes.

Land-led Development Services

We are committed to assisting the delivery of new affordable housing.

Our team aims to work in partnership to bring forward land-led packages for our members, housing associations and local authorities.

We establish dialogue and take time to understand our partners' requirements, both in terms of geography and specific housing need.

We have, through `Introduction`, brought forward several land-led affordable housing schemes to our members. On certain schemes, we have been able work in collaboration with housebuilders to also include open market sale products.

We understand our members’ ambitious growth plans which include doing more land-led development.

Section 106 Affordable Housing Services

EN:Able Build have established links with housing associations and local authority housing teams across the North of England.

We work with a range of housebuilders to provide a service to discharge their S106 Affordable Housing Obligations. The service includes:

Marketing (Brokerage) – We will market the affordable homes to secure the best income.

Legal – We work with your solicitors to manage the legal agreements through to Completion.

Costs – On most projects our work is funded by the Housing Association.

We aim to provide the most cost-effective way to meet your affordable housing obligations ensuring we achieve best value.

Our services have successfully discharged several S106 Affordable Housing Obligations for housebuilders of all sizes. This has also provided our members an opportunity to secure new affordable housing.

Partnership Working

ENB understand the benefits that partnering can bring in accelerating the delivery of affordable housing.

We are always open to discuss new innovative ways of working.

Landsolve 2.0

EN:Able Build manages the Landsolve 2.0 Framework which provides high-quality Land Brokerage and Advisory services to assist in generating capital and maximising the value of land for the benefit of the public and charitable sector and/or supporting the development of surplus land assets with the aim of delivering social infrastructure or other public policy objectives.

Lot 1 – Land Brokerage providing the Client with support and advice at financial risk during the project development phases (from RIBA Stages 1 up to 4), with payment for services being realised and paid through the proceeds of the land sale.

Lot 2 – Land Advisory to provide support and advice to the Client on the development of surplus assets including: appraisal of development opportunities to determine commercial viability and deliverability; strategic options analyses; planning assessments; due diligence and surveys; and general advice and support throughout the project lifecycle. The Land Advisers are not required to work at financial risk.

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