Landsolve 2.0

Land Brokerage and Land Advisory

Landsolve 2.0

Framework Ref:

Landsolve 2.0

Start Date:

January 2021

End Date:

January 2025

OJEU Contract Notice:

2020/S 212-520571

OJEU Award Notice:

2021/S 018-043146

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The Landsolve 2.0 Framework provides high-quality Land Brokerage and Advisory services to assist in generating capital and maximising the value of land for the benefit of the public and charitable sector and/or supporting the development of surplus land assets with the aim of delivering social infrastructure or other public policy objectives.

The Framework comprises of two lots:

Lot 1 – Land Brokerage providing the Client with support and advice at financial risk during the project development phases (from RIBA Stages 1 up to 4), with payment for services being realised and paid through the proceeds of the land sale.

Lot 2 – Land Advisory to provide support and advice to the Client on the development of surplus assets including: appraisal of development opportunities to determine commercial viability and deliverability; strategic options analyses; planning assessments; due diligence and surveys; and general advice and support throughout the project lifecycle. The Land Advisers are not required to work at financial risk.


The Framework will be available for use by or on behalf of public and charitable sector organisations (for specific details please see Section 3 Scope of Framework) who will identify land assets for broker services. The Framework across both Lots will be used to deliver support and advice to Clients during project development phases (from RIBA Stages 1 up to 4) and may also be used to provide services during and post the construction phase including acting as the Client’s agent and ensuring that the project is built out in accordance with the agreed specification, programme and outcomes.

Land Brokerage under Lot 1 will deliver these services throughout the project lifecycle, normally taking full financial risk on the project after an exclusivity arrangement has been entered into with the Client.

Land Advisers under Lot 2 will deliver services by way of lump sum fees or time charge commissions and will not take any financial risk.

It is anticipated that Lot 1 Project Call-Offs will involve a longer term partnership between the Client and the Land Broker, whereas Lot 2 Project Call-Offs will be shorter term engagements to provide specific pieces of advice during the project lifecycle, with a focus on the early stage viability assessments.

Legal services are not included in the scope of service for either Lot under this Framework. It is anticipated that the Client would directly appoint a legal team.


Call Off Mechanism

Direct Selection (Lot 1 – Land Brokerage and Lot 2 – Land Advisory)

A simple mechanism that allows selection of a Framework Member on the relevant lot without having to undertake a separate tender exercise; the selection is based on the tendered framework rates and the application of capability criteria to determine the most economically advantageous offer for the specific project.

Mini Competition (Lot – Land Advisory)

Where all eligible Framework Members capable of carrying out the service, are invited to tender; the Invitation to Tender setting out the criteria to be used to determine the most economically advantageous tender.

For both call off routes capability criteria can be applied to source and/or ensure consultants are selected who have the required financial stability, capacity, levels of experience and insurance


Framework Lots & Consultants

Lot 1 – Land Brokerage: Keyland Developments Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Kelda Group and a sister company of Yorkshire Water)

Lot 2 – Land Advisory :

Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited

Aspinall Verdi Limited

BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Limited

Edward Architectural Services Limited

GenR8 Developments LLP

Framework Contact