EN:Able Communities

Our Work

EN:Able Communities CIO works to support training and employment across the North of England through grants, projects and other charitable efforts.

What Does EN:Able Communities do?

As the charitable arm of Efficiency North, EN:Able Communities CIO seeks to relieve unemployment and advance education and training within the Yorkshire and Humber region in order to strengthen communities and boost social mobility. Our work is primarily centred around the construction and built environment sector, where our wide-reaching industry links enable us to have a greater impact.

To facilitate our aims, we undertake and fund a wide variety of work. Examples include:

  1. Giving grants to non-profit organisations that seeks to boost community-based learning, particularly in the construction sector

  2. Supporting SMEs in appointing construction apprentices

  3. Commissioning training courses that seek to prepare people to enter the construction and built environment sector

  4. Collaborating with construction industry partners to increase funding and support for those from disadvantaged background and communities

 Broadly, our work can be split into three categories: our own projects, projects that are externally funded, and grant-giving. For more examples of work these areas, you can see some of our success stories here.