EN:Able Communities

Our Work

EN:Able Communities CIO supports training and employment across the North of England through grants, projects and other charitable efforts.

Training, Skills & Employment Support for communities

What does EN:Able Communities do?

As the charitable arm of Efficiency North, EN:Able Communities CIO seeks to relieve unemployment and advance education and training in Northern England to help boost social mobility in communities served by Efficiency North's social housing landlord membership.

Our work is now centred around the construction and built environment sector, where our wide-reaching industry links as the charitable arm of Efficiency North enable us to have a greater impact in communities.

To facilitate our aims, since 2021, we have focussed our efforts on delivering training, skills and employment schemes.

  1.  Retrofit Skills training for tenants and residents of social housing providers to connect tenants and residents in Yorkshire, Humber and the North East to economic opportunity, fill the retrofit skills gap and help tackle the climate emergency.

  2. Construction Skills 4 Life free training to enable unemployed people in Hull and surrounding area to enter the construction industry.

  3. DWP Kickstart Gateway scheme offering 6-month work placements for 16 - 24 year olds.

Through our previous funding streams we have channelled over £1.1m into local communities to help small projects and charities make a real positive impact on the lives of tenants and residents.