The Social Mobility Fund is a grant scheme run by EN:Able Communities that is designed to provide funding to projects that aim to improve Social Mobility across Yorkshire and Humber.

This covers projects that seek to help people from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their full potential. Most often this will involve projects centring around training and employment; but it can also cover other activities such as improving community assets or facilitating access to public services in traditionally deprived areas.

As the charitable arm of Efficiency North Limited, EN:Able Communities is funded by the surplus made by the company, using profits made to facilitate a range of activities that provide social value in the region.

Being funded this way means that the number of projects we can support each year varies – but we are always looking to spend our funding in the most efficient, stable, and innovative ways possible.

The Social Mobility Fund replaces the Community Investment Fund, which ran from 2015 to 2018. Over that time, we are proud to have been able to provide over £600,000 in funding to community projects and groups across Yorkshire and Humber – and we are looking forward to achieving even more through this new fund.

Sheffield City Council Social Mobility Fund 2021

is now closed.

EN:Procure provide Social value Credits to support the Member social housing landlords provide either employment or community grants to support the localities that they serve. 

Sheffield City Council decided to use their credits to support up to 4 charity organistions based in the Sheffield area only with funding up to £2750 towards employment and skills development, particularly in traditionally deprived areas.

The application process was open to all charitable organisations in the Sheffield area.

Please contact Simeon Perry, Head of Operations, EN:Able Communities if you have any questions or queries relating to the Sheffield Social Mobility Fund.

FUND NOW CLOSED and all successful applicants have been contacted.