Procurement that addresses the challenges and opportunities in Yorkshire and Humber.

Supporting local economies

EN:Procure understand the challenges of the regional construction market and regeneration needs of our Member’s communities. Therefore, we offer procurement solutions which specifically recognise and are designed to address the challenges and opportunities within the Yorkshire & Humber areas.

We understand the benefits of a mixed economy. Therefore, we work closely with our regional members to help and encourage local SME where appropriate. This support includes:

  • Providing procurement workshops,

  • Running meet the buyer days and encouraging participation in upcoming frameworks

  • Recognising and appropriately reviewing the barriers encountered by SMEs

  • Considering the commercial aspects of contracts and procurements and how these can influence SME participation (i.e. bonds, cashflow, limited liabilities and retention)

In undertaking the above, EN:Procure has an 83% representation of SME companies on it’s Framework Panels. Many of these companies are delivering strong and reliable outcomes to members and as such are benefiting with ongoing works.

All ENP frameworks have an integrated management strategy to deliver the consortium’s 4 strategic themes – efficiency, workforce development, community investment and environmental sustainability.  Each theme has a measurable outcome and delivery vehicles are built into the frameworks to ensure that the outcome is achieved.

EN:Procure’s offering incorporates a dedicated team to deliver at least 1 apprentice position per £1m spend, focusing on people who find themselves furthest from the labour market.

Our core delivery vehicle for investing in local communities to support social and economic regeneration is via our linked charity EN:Able Communities and their investment activities reaching deep into members’ communities.  Last year it delivered £3.89m of additional social impact benefit across our membership.

The EN:Able Community Investment Fund is just one of the Charity’s delivery vehicles for social and economic regeneration to target and deliver transformative outcomes in the communities of its social housing landlord members. It opens for applications from community groups working across Yorkshire and Humber once a year from late July / early August to October and has distributed £1.45m in funding to 103 projects in the last 3 years