Specialists is Civil Engineering Apprenticeships

For 10 years EN:Able Futures has been building civil engineering workforces.

As an award-winning government registered Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency, we specialise in finding and employing apprentices that fit perfectly within your business, and much more besides.

For a fully inclusive weekly fee we handle apprentice employment, recruitment, wages, mentoring and support costs including travel expenses, CSCS card provision, personal protective equipment (PPE) and qualification costs.

Here are what some of our civil engineering clients say about us.

Alison Ringrose, Business Development Manager, Alan Wood & Partners

“EN:Able Futures do all the leg work involved with finding and vetting suitable candidates for our different regional offices. They look after all the qualification arrangements and all the other paperwork that comes with taking on an apprentice. That leaves us to be able to focus on making sure there’s a clear career pathway for them to follow within the business.

"Trying to find people with the right skills in our industry is quite difficult, so we thought if we grow our own, as it were, we can teach them how we want them to be taught, and train them up in the ways that the business needs to be able to grow.

"Since working with EN:Able Futures what we’ve found is that, once they have settled in, the apprentices are more beneficial to us than someone joining us who has four years of university under their belt, but no experience. The hands-on stuff our apprentices are doing, day in and day out, means they have got a better understanding of what needs to be done."

Mick Keebles, Contract Manager, GRK Civils

“We had no formal apprenticeship programme before we started working with EN:Able Futures, and after 7 years I’d say that they are a key part of our workforce development strategy. We tell our prospective clients that we work with EN:Able Futures and actively use apprentices within the business, it’s a big positive for us.”

“For me, the real value of working with EN:Able Futures is that they do all the leg work involved with finding, hiring and managing our apprentices. We work on sites at lots of different locations throughout the year, and EN:Able Futures will always make sure apprentices are able to start as soon as possible on those different sites, finding them suitable courses and organising the logistics for the apprentice to access them.

“I’ve got an apprentice who’s working in Huddersfield at the moment, but we couldn’t get a course there, so another apprenticeship manager, Tracy , has arranged for him to attend a course in Sheffield instead, and she has sorted out all of his train travel. I consider EN:Able Futures to be a key part of the team."

For more information about our Flexi Job Apprenticeship Service, please contact Sophie Richardson:

Email: Sophie.Richardson@efficiencynorth.org

Mobile: 07977 948618


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