Matthew Byford Loggie

After only eight months as an Civil Technician Apprentice Matthew Byford Loggie has already left quite an impression with his hosts Alan Wood & Partners

Matthew Byford Loggie joined host Civil Engineering & Structural Engineers Alan Wood & Partners in June 2021, where he is an Apprentice Civil Technician. 

Matthew chose an apprenticeship route in structural engineering as he wanted real hands on experience of the job. His apprenticeship was made possible thanks to Hudson Contracts who donated some of their excess apprenticeship levy to EN:Able Futures to pay for his education.

Starting out reviewing detailed drawings which required a certain amount of knowledge, Matthew had to research design codes and look at various literature to increase his knowledge of building techniques. He quickly realised that learning never stops, neither has his appetite for knowledge. Matthew has now expanded his detailing and design knowledge, now covering most aspects of detail drafting from simple drainage layouts to detailing steelwork for multi-storey buildings.

When asked how Matthew was progressing in his role, Paul Steadman, Office Director at Alan Wood & Partners  Said:

"Having minimal initial experience, it was clear Matthew’s hunger to learn will give us amazing potential to fully develop his abilities. He is consistently pro-active in improving his own learning, his thinking, researching and then asking questions; this is a great asset for him but equally for us it means we are able to expand his portfolio of work increasing his fee earning capabilities beyond our expectations.

"We now have new graduates in the office and although Matthew is theoretically less qualified, he is working with them to support them to produce good quality calculations and drawings. This certainly brought out his thoughtfulness of others and the willingness to go the extra mile to get the best out of people.

"Matthew is always willing to help, has a great attitude to learning and is keen to try new things to test and expand his knowledge. He is turning into a fantastic apprentice and we definitely need another ‘Matthew’ in all our offices."

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Written by EN:Able Futures