Following our successful pilot of our Damp and Mould Awareness Course run by NOCN Group with Berneslai Homes tenants we are now making it available for all Efficiency North's social housing landord membership.

This awareness course seeks to empower tenants, housing associations, landlords, and leaseholders with knowledge to enhance living conditions. Through a pilot programme, valuable feedback has been gathered from tenants, emphasising the course’s practical impact

Participants found the course to be educational, providing valuable insights in an accessible manner. The course prompted practical steps towards mitigating damp and mould issues, fostering a sense of responsibility for tenants and housing providers. The awareness course is seen as universally beneficial, recommending it for various roles within housing associations and emphasizing its value for money. Recognition of the course’s usefulness extends to a broad spectrum of professionals, indicating its relevance in addressing real-world challenges.

The online course typically takes around 2 hours to complete, including a knowledge check at the end. Interactive assessments reinforce learning, utilising informative and accessible materials such as text, images, and potential video content.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification validating their understanding of damp and mould awareness.

For more information or to book a course please contact Julie Cullen.