Delivering savings

Driving efficiency savings for members through collaboration and innovation is at the core of what we do

A key, unique, money-saving feature of EN:Procure frameworks is that they allow members to split out labour and materials on refurbishment contracts, benefiting from both  a direct saving on the materials purchased secured through our market leading deals, and a secondary contract saving as a result of the reduced contract profit and overheads charged on the remaining contract costs.  As a result these can combine to become double digit contract savings  versus non labour/material split contract arrangements.

All our frameworks have specific category managers assigned who have expertise in specific fields to guide you through the procurement lifecycle, support and advise you along with sharing best practice.

All of EN:Procure's frameworks and procurement routes have dedicated professionals who will be on hand to support you in the management of the contract throughout it’s whole life to ensure that it delivers your contract objectives.  

Our dedicated Materials Category Management team are proven experts at securing the best market rates for materials, and insulating members against price increases and inflation.