Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair Works

Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair Works

Framework Ref:

Installation, Servicing, Maintenance and Repair Works

Start Date:

December 2021

End Date:

December 2025

OJEU Contract Notice:

2020/S 253-639074

OJEU Award Notice:

2021/S 242-639350

Framework Lots and Contractors


The framework is specifically designed to provide installation and repair for planned maintenance (refurbishment and installation/replacements to existing buildings) including:

Kitchen and bathroom installations including adaptions

Renewable Heating and Ventilation Installation

Electrical Inspection, Testing and Remedial Repairs

Windows and doors

Brickwork, Masonry and Associated Ancillary Works

General Building Works and Repairs

Paint and Pre-paint Repair Works

Environmental and Estate Improvement Works

Voids Clean and Clear Monitor and Secure

Voids Refurbishment Works

External Works to High Rise

External Wall Insulation

Whole House Internal & External Installation Works

Roofing and associated ancillary works

Gas Servicing and Maintenance

Framework predominantly focused on the delivery of work to social housing properties in the North West and East Midlands but may extend to other public buildings such as schools and offices and other areas of the UK.

Call Off Mechanisms

There are 2 call off routes under the Framework.

A    Direct Selection

This is a simple mechanism that allows you to select the Contractors on the relevant lot without having to undertake a separate tender based on the framework rates to determine the most economically advantageous offer for your requirements, subject to capability/capacity assessment. This method is most suitable for works that are similar to that described in the overall framework at tender

B Mini-Competition

Where all Eligible contractors capable of carrying out the work from the relevant lot are invited to tender. The ITT will set out the criteria to be used to determine the most economically advantageous tender detailing the questions, scoring mechanism, weighting and timescale. Once the Contractors have priced the works and submitted the required answers to the quality question, EN can analyse the submissions and produce an award recommendation report for the Client to review/accept.”

Apprentice Requirements

Framework contractors are required to offer a minimum of 2 full time training opportunities per £1m project value spent through the framework.

Key Benefits

A summary of the key benefits of using the Framework include:

Compliant with UK and EU procurement legislation: The framework is compliant with regard to EU procurement directives and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Speed of Tendering: For larger value contract i.e. above the EU threshold, significant time is saved by not having to go through the full OJEU processes. For contracts in general, the Framework provides an initial long list, therefore the time to arrive at a tender shortlist is also reduced.

Reduction in Cost of Tendering: Along with the reduction in time to procure tenders there is a consequent reduction in the cost associated with procuring tenders

Dedicated to Housing Sector: The Framework is dedicated to the Housing Sector therefore all the Contractors appointed to the Framework Lots have significant experience in the installation and repairs to social house

Procurement Options to meet Member needs: The Framework provides a number of procurement options to meet the needs of Members and/or specific project requirements; options such as:

Early Contractor Engagement

Direct Selection


Price or Price Quality Tenders

Single and 2 Stage Tenders

National & Local Contractors: The contractors appointed to the various Framework Lots provide Members with access to both local and national contractors

SMEs: Approx. two thirds of contractors appointed to the framework are SMEs and working with our members we seek to build additional capacity within the sector and support local economies.

KPI’s to Monitor Performance: KPI’s are also included to monitor performance in a number of key area such as:

Client Satisfaction


Time and Cost Predictability

Health & Safety

Social Value: Framework contractors are required to offer a minimum of 1 full time training opportunity per £2m project value spent through the framework a to help local people get a foot on the career ladder. EN:Procure provide targeted support to ensure that the training opportunities connect with the local community


Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow


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