New Build North West & East Midlands

New Build North West & East Midlands

Framework Ref:


Start Date:

June 2021

End Date:

May 2025

OJEU Contract Notice:

2020/S 214-525793

OJEU Award Notice:

2021/S 108-286254

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New Build Framework Lots and Contractors


In line with the government’s agenda for the sector, which recognises the need for more investment in affordable new housing and an increase in training resources to deliver it, the EN:Procure New Build framework offers not only a swift, flexible and cost-effective route to providing new homes, on both a small and large-scale basis, but also the added benefits to local communities of employment and training opportunities and funding for social and economic regeneration projects.

A summary of the key benefits of using the Framework include:

  • Compliant with UK and EU procurement legislation: The framework is compliant with regard to EU procurement directives and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015
  • Speed of Tendering: For larger value contract i.e. above the EU threshold, significant time is saved by not having to go through the full OJEU processes. For contracts in general, the Framework provides an initial long list, therefore the time to arrive at a tender shortlist is also reduced.
  • Reduction in Cost of Tendering: Along with the reduction in time to procure tenders there is a consequent reduction in the cost associated with procuring tenders
  • Dedicated to Housing Sector: The New Build Framework is dedicated to the Housing Sector therefore all the Contractors appointed to the Framework Lots have significant experience in house building and the provision of affordable housing
  • Procurement Options to meet Member needs: The Framework provides a number of procurement options to meet the needs of Members and/or specific project requirements; options such as:
  • Early Contractor Engagement
  • Direct Selection
  • Mini-Competition
  • Price or Price Quality Tenders
  • Single and 2 Stage Tenders


  • National & Local Contractors: The contractors appointed to the various Framework Lots provide Members with access to both local and national contractors
  • SMEs: Approx. two thirds of contractors appointed to the framework are SMEs and working with our members we seek to build additional capacity within the sector and support local economies.
  • Sophisticated Capability Matrix: Members are able to select contractors from the framework utilising a sophisticated capability matrix which helps to ensure the most suitable contractors are selected based on the specifics of the scheme and member aspirations
  • KPI’s to Monitor Performance: KPI’s are also included to monitor performance in a number of key area such as:
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Time and Cost Predictability
  • Health & Safety
  • Social Value: Framework contractors are required to offer a minimum of 1 full time training opportunity per £1m project value spent through the framework a to help local people get a foot on the career ladder. EN:Procure provide targeted support to ensure that the training opportunities connect with the local community

Over and above the core benefits described above, EN:Procure provide the following added benefits when engaging with them to procure works through the New Build Framework

  • Support with provision and drafting of core contract documents such as:
  • Standard Contract Amendments
  • Collateral Warranties
  • Performance Bond
  • Novation Agreement


  • Dedicated Team (EN) with Industry Experience in key areas such as:
  • Pre-construction
  • Planning, Highways and Drainage
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contract and Commercial

As well as providing support in the use of and calls off from the Framework EN:Procure’s dedicated team also provide the following support to Members and their projects:


  • Procurement Programmes
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contractor Selection
  • Design Team Meetings
  • Tender Documents
  • Tender Process
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Cost checks and Negotiations
  • Contract Documents

Following contract award: the team is available on an ad-hoc basis to provide post contract advice and support.

Post Completion: Through the use of a dedicated team lessons learned on projects are fed back into subsequent projects with the ability for cross learning from other Member clients and projects. The experience of the Efficiency North team enables the team to perform a robust check and challenge role across the whole design and procurement process. This is a key component to achieve good design, manage risks and costs and produce excellent outcomes.

Also, whilst the core offer is the access to the Framework EN:Procure’s support extends to that of a dedicated project team member working as part of Project Team alongside the whole project team.

Framework Contact

Carl Bairstow


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