Compliance with EU procurement directives

When procuring contracts that exceed certain monetary thresholds Public Sector Clients (which includes Local Authorities and Social Housing Registered Providers) must normally advertise the opportunity in the Official Journal of European Union and on Contracts Finder following procedural rules set down in EU Procurement Directives and Public Contract Regulations.

The current thresholds for OJEU (2018) are:

Services: £189,330

Supplies: £189,330

Works:    £4,733,252

These thresholds apply to the value of the contract throughout its duration including any possible extensions and require aggregation of the spend where multiple successive contracts of the same type apply.

Failure to comply with the regulations could lead to the following:

  • Fines and damages being imposed by the High Court

  • Setting aside of Contracts resulting in abortive costs and service disruption

  • Reputational damage

  • Incurring legal costs

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We can help to ensure Efficiency North member social housing landlords are compliant with EU Procurement Directives.

All our frameworks are compliant the Procurement Regulations and Directives (OJEU). This means Clients do not have to openly advertise the opportunity or follow the full procedural rules. This is a more time and cost-efficient process than running a “full” procurement exercise for the member

All suppliers on the framework have been pre-assessed via a rigorous price, compliance and quality regime. Therefore, ensuring suppliers are capable of meeting members needs specific to the framework and lot nature.

 Key benefits for utilising frameworks are:

  • Ease in ensuring OJEU compliance

  • Shorter procurement timescale

  • Reduced procurement costs

  • Flexibility of processes (Direct selection & mini-competition)

  • Access to volume deals

  • Additional support and contractual leverage available via the Framework Agreement and Framework Management Team, whereas outside the framework you are on your own

  • Access to standard documentation, contract drafting & processes (guides and templates)

  • Support and guidance available from the Framework Management Team during the whole contract life

  • Social value outcomes are mandated in all our contracts, ensuring the wider community benefits from the work undertaken and there is a lasting legacy

For more information, please contact Carl Bairstow