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Adam Corbally inspires next generation of construction apprentices in EN:Able Futures video conference

Adam Corbally, finalist in season 8 of The Apprentice, sent an inspiring message to aspiring apprentices in EN:Able Futures' 'Careers in Construction' Zoom video conference on Tuesday 8 August.

Adam joined EN:Able Futures Director of Operations Julie Deeley, Apprentice Amelia Johnson-Lynch and Rob Smith of Leeds College of Building for a special one hour session to inspire and inform young people about the exciting opportunities to build a career in construction available right now.

In a message specially recorded for the session, Adam told about his own journey from school exam disappointment to business success by changing his attitude and surrounding himself with people with a positive outlook who helped and encouraged him. 

Adam commented; “Demand for skilled construction workers is high now, and supply is low.  EN:Able Futures Shared Apprenticeship Service is fantastic.  They’ll do their best to support you through from start to finish.  Invest in your future!”

Amelia Johnson-Lynch, EN:Able Futures Academy Management Apprentice placed with Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, gave a detailed account of her role in project management, quantity surveying and building surveying.  Amelia had always wanted a technical career and had previous work experience with engineering companies.  She realised the opportunities in construction would be right for her after attending an open event on site while the new Leeds College of Building was under construction.  Amelia is now enjoying every day in her role, experiencing and learning something new on a range of exciting projects.  She has already built up a good network of contacts in the industry and also invaluable work experience that is attractive to prospective employers.  Amelia has already received three job offers following recent interviews.  Her apprenticeship experience with EN:Able Futures has also built her confidence in herself. 

EN:Able Futures Director of Operations Julie Deeley gave an overview of the many benefits of apprenticeships.  She acknowledged that many people may be put off, or may be unable to take up the opportunity, because of the comparatively low earnings initially.  This situation however changes upon completion of the qualification, you come out with a range of transferable skills and a route to a well-paid, interesting career, and no loan pay back.

Rob Smith, Apprenticeships Contract Manager at Leeds College of Building, also explained that apprenticeships can also go through to degree level, fully funded, meaning that apprentices come out fully qualified, with no student debt.

Leeds College of Building has a dedicated team of work placement officers who make sure that all students have a host employer.  Rob encouraged prospective apprentices to apply for the course they’re interested in, and the College will support them with the rest.

In response to a question from the Zoom audience about the opportunities for those with special learning needs, Rob advised that the College has an Inclusive Learning Support Department to support students who require additional help.

Rob also explained that apprenticeships are not just for 16-24 year olds, although funding for older people is slightly less.  The College currently has a 53-year old electrical apprentice.

For more information about apprenticeship opportunities and futures in construction, please contact Julie Deeley at futures@efficiencynorth.org

Watch Adam Corbally's message on our YouTube Channel HERE


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