Drone footage of Humber Construction Hub site shows progress

Get a birds eye view of the Humber Construction Hub being built

It has been another bumper week of building at the site of the Humber Construction Hub, as it transforms from a field into a fully functioning outdoor classroom, ready to teach the construction workers of tomorrow the skills they will need to succeed in the industry.

Fencing of the site is now complete and tarmac has been laid in all the key areas. Electricity works are well underway with a long trench dug by Sub-Contractor M.B. Roche & Sons from the mains supply across the field.  Beech Electrical have laid cable and ducting in place, ready for Northern Power to do their work hooking the site up to the mains power.

The base and bollards for the cycle parking have been installed, and office and toilet blocks have been built and craned into position by Excell Modular, with more containers due to be delivered later in the week.

Watch the video below for a birds eye view of the containers being installed.

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Written by Peter Morris