We are proud to support Newground Together in tackling unemployment in the North of England. This joint project between EN:Able Communities and the CIC sees a full-time Employment Advisor join the team to focus on boosting rates of employment in Together Housing’s (a Social Housing Association) local communities.

Across the year, the project aims to support nearly 92 people, with at least 24 of these successfully  securing employment and 16 of these moving into education or training.

Covid-19 has had far-reaching impacts across the labour market, with the economic climate having shifted significantly in the UK since March 2020. Research from previous recessions has suggested that rising unemployment feeds into higher levels of long-term unemployment and that prolonged unemployment, particularly while young, can cause long-lasting ‘scars’ on future earnings, employment prospects and health and wellbeing.

In response to this, Newground Together has shifted their work to try and focus on providing targeted support that will help keep the long-term unemployment risk faced by the country at bay. From April 2020 to March 2021, the social enterprise will support residents of the North of England in regaining employment as quickly as possible in order to prevent the ‘scarring effect.’