Unlocking affordable clean and green driving for our team

Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Reducing our carbon footprint and not costing the Earth

Our Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme through Octopus operates in the same way as the company pension scheme, reducing PAYE and National Insurance liability.

All costs associated with owning the electric vehicle, with the exception of electricity, are included in the lease fee.

Staff can choose a car similar to their existing car and save money against the lease rate they would pay as an individual or can invest the saving they enjoy through the scheme into a vehicle in a higher price range.

There are significant savings on fuel costs. A full charge on a mainstream vehicle is £6 - £10 and larger, longer range electric cars cost £12 - £18 for a full charge

Charging points made available within our office parking areas so staff can charge at work at no cost.

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