St Stephens Neighbourhood Centre, Hull – Learn to Enjoy

St Stephens computer group
Learn to Enjoy group session

Project Scope

Learn to Enjoy is a short course run for retired members of the local Hull community who feel isolated and left behind in the rapidly advancing technological world.  Learn to Enjoy develops their skills and confidence in using ICT to help them get online safely.

The group of learners, whose ages range from 80 to 89, are encouraged to get online to communicate with friends and family and be more aware of what’s going on in the wider world to reduce their isolation and help them feel more part of the community. The range of learning topics covered includes communicating with email, Skype and social media, using Government websites, transacting on ebay, booking holidays and internet banking.

The 4 Good Fund grant was used to  provide a qualified tutor to run the weekly sessions alongside the supervisor to increase the group’s numbers and allow the group to learn at their own individual pace.

Key Benefits and Outcomes Delivered

Each weekly session is dictated by the group so that they feel like they have ownership of their classes. There is also a social aspect as the group stay behind for refreshments and a chat after each lesson. Many of the group have bought their own laptops/tablets so they bring them to the lesson to be taught how to set them up and use them.

Teaching the group how to email and use Skype and social media effectively has brought them closer to many members of their families who don’t live near by, significantly reducing their feelings of isolation.

The classes have also enabled the learners to be able to check their banking online, update any benefits information required and keep a constant eye on their accounts  They’ve also been able to shop around for the cheapest deals on the internet, whereas before they only had one choice, going into a local shop. One of the class booked a holiday to Bournemouth online, Googled about what to do while she was there, and browsed, chose and bought her holidays clothes – all within the same session.