Joint Tenants Forum

Joint Tenants Forum
Some of the panel pictured at Berneslai Homes (L-R) David Jacobs, Yvonne Collins, Colleen Adamson, Elizabeth Gibbons, Kenneth Tann, Brian Whitaker, Andy Kerr, Maureen Tennison, June Walker

Efficiency North set up the Joint Tenants Panel in 2010 to run alongside the Re:allies and E N Procure Frameworks procurement to involve tenant representatives from our member organisations in the decision making process.

The panel meet every 2 months at member organisation offices across the region for updates and discussion on all the latest developments and any funding opportunities for community projects.

It’s a great opportunity for us to get together and pool ideas.

Now the panel can share their news and ideas faster than before.  Through the online forum they’re spreading the word about community projects, funding and new ideas to tenants and representatives of local community groups and committees across the region.

If you’re a tenant with one of our member organisations: