Inspire Communities Ltd, Inspiring Health

Project Scope

Funding received was used to provide weekly sessions at the Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull as an after school activity focussing on healthy cooking and family interaction over a 39-week period.  Sessions include activities to improve the knowledge of low income families on their personal finances and budgeting, nutrition and health, sustainable shopping and growing and employment to improve their life chances, raise their aspirations and encourage parents’ support of their children’s development and future career prospects.

Key Benefits and Outcomes Delivered

Children and their families are engaging regularly in sessions. Positive outcomes include:

  • children and parents are more likely to prepare meals together at home;
  • they have better knowledge of nutrition and some of the misconceptions about foods have been dispelled;
  • they can plan meals better to help their finances;
  • they are starting to grow their own fruit and vegetables at the school, and are now more likely to do this at home too;
  • they have more awareness of online health services available to them;
  • they are interested in changing their diets to healthier choices.