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Becoming an Efficiency North Supplier

All suppliers listed on Efficiency North frameworks and contracts have been awarded these places through the result of a fair, transparent and compliant public procurement process undertaken by EN or one of our partner organisations within the Re:allies Partnership.

EN cannot simply ‘approve’ or ‘add’ suppliers to a ‘list’.

To ensure compliance with both EU and UK procurement legislation, Suppliers can find details of EN framework and contract opportunities using the following websites, together with opportunities from other public-type body type organisations including central government, local government / council, NHS, utilities and housing associations etc.

High Value Public Sector Tenders

EU regulations stipulate these have to be advertised across Europe. Suppliers can pay for services that alert you when a tender comes up that meets your criteria. However, many smaller businesses just won’t have enough suitable tenders to justify this expense – especially when you don’t even need to need pay!

This is a fairly easy and free way for you to check for high-value public sector tenders (OJEU tenders) that are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union and online at Tenders Electronic Daily (TED):


Quick Search Method:

  • Go to English language on list ‘EN’
  • Choose Search – top Right (not Expert Search)
  • Insert “UK” in Country field
  • In Full Text field insert “Yorkshire” (or Sheffield, England etc.)
  • OR “construction” (or home care, cleaning, security etc.)
  • In Scope (drop down) chose ‘All current notices’
  • Press Search

You can also use the ‘Expert Search’ option to do more sophisticated searches (eg refine by CPV (common procurement vocabulary) or NUTS codes (The Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics – areas)).


  • Set up your own account in order to create your own specific saved-search profiles and to save time in future.
  • Once registered, you can also search archives to see who won previously awarded contracts.
  • Check weekly & just make a note on the number you got up to last time.
  • Best to check weekly – sometimes the deadlines are very short.
  • Some large ‘contract award announcements’ may be worth following up as the main contractor may need sub-contractors.
  • Work below TED’s threshold should appear in Contracts Finder (details below).

Low Value Public Sector Tenders

For opportunities above £10,000 use the UK government portal, “Contracts Finder”. This website was set up to help small & medium size business win low-value public sector contacts.

The website is:


Like TED, you can search for live opportunities and awarded contracts. You can also set up email alerts (after registering).

These lower value opportunities are NOT advertised in TED, so Suppliers should register on both.