Accessing the Framework

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ENPLSF USER GUIDE NOVEMBER 2013 Click to download a Framework User Guide

Accessing the EN Procure Legal Services Framework is easy.  Any Public Sector Organisation in Yorkshire, Humber and the Sheffield City Region can enjoy the many benefits it offers by following these 6 easy steps.

1. Contact Us and arrange a meeting with the Efficiency North team to discuss your requirements and potential for procuring them through the Framework.

2. Set out the key aspects of your requirements.

3. Based on data provided Efficiency North will provide a service quotation and headline benchmarking forecasting potential efficiencies from using the Framework.

4. Confirm acceptance and execute the Access Agreement granting use from the Contracting Authority to use the EN Procure Legal Services Framework along with a confidentialiy agreement.

5. Issue the NEC3 PSC Task Order.

6. During the delivery of your Legal Services requirements the Efficiency North team will work closely with you in the delivery of strategic initiatives and measurement of key performance indicators including a de-briefing whenever necessary.

Key Working Relationships

ENPLSF Key Working Relationships