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12/10/2017 by Carl Bairstow

UK Government Clean Growth Strategy October 2017 – summary of measures

Clean Growth StrategyA summary of the government’s Clean Growth Strategy announced today and its impact on Housing Policy:

  1. ECO will be extended with funding at current levels to at least 2028
  2. Regulations re-stated to force private landlords to upgrade to EPC Band E from April 18. Another consultation on making them more effective
  3. Looking at policy measures on how to drive private rented stock up to EPC Band C by 2030, consultation expected in 2018
  4. Government will look at how social stock can meet the same standards in same timelines
  5. Aspiration for all fuel poor homes to be EPC C by 2030, no specified policies announced
  6. Publishing of a call for evidence on making improvements easy to pay for eg: green mortgage producrs, govmt incentives, other levers
  7. Will work with industry to implement Each Home Counts report to improve quality and standards of retrofit
  8. As part of review of Building Regs regs consequent to Grenfell reporting in Spring 18, Govmt intends to consult on making additional changes to them making energy efficiency work mandatory for parts of building being changed, but will not include wider consequential improvements to parts not affected by refurb work.
  9. Another call for evidence on how to make Green Deal “Pay as you save” more accessible to businesses, whilst protecting consumers
  10. A call for evidence in Spring 18 on how EPC’s can be further utilised in govmt policy as trigger points and also further improved
  11. Acknowledgement that energy measures specified fall short in reality, and this aspect will be considered as part of the Bldg Regs review
  12. Every home “to be offered” a Smart Meter by 2020 – acceptance that installation will fall short
  13. Publication of new Boiler Plus standard mandating smart heating controls or Flue Gas Heat recovery from April 18 onwards (see 2.8 onwards of p10)
  14. Reforming the RHI programme and £4.5bn of support to 2021, with greater focus on off gas properties during the 2020’s


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