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17/01/2017 by Mick Hall

10 EN team members x 10 volunteering hours: #8 Mick Hall x Mercy UK

Launched in 1999, Mercy United Kingdom are committed to educating leaders, equipping individuals and empowering churches with effective discipleship resources, pastoral support services and residential homes for young women with life controlling issues such as eating disorders, self-harm, anxiety and depression and human trafficking.

Mercy UK look to address the root causes of issues individuals face, rather than merely medicating the symptoms or addressing the external behaviour.

They seek to help break the cycle of destruction by helping others find freedom and restoration through the services they provide. This in turn will positively affect the generation they will parent and drastically reduce the chances of history repeating itself.

Why did I choose to support Mercy UK?

Two years ago, through circumstances too sensitive to disclose for safety and protection reasons, myself and my family gave residential support to an amazing young lady who had attended the residential support program at Mercy UK.  She was homeless and lost on many different fronts.  Over the next year my connections with Mercy UK became ever closer and my appreciation of their work more so.

Mercy UK HQ

What did I do?

The first thing I did was to attend a MPower Training Day, designed to help you understand common warning signs of life-controlling issues.  We worked through key issues and concerns and they equipped me with tools and principles that will help me effectively support others whilst also staying free myself. The day was truly inspiring and at the same time emotionally quite tough.

The second thing I did was to support the baskets of love program.

For the last 3 years the church I attend has supported 3 organisations, Women’s Refuge, Basket of LoveCity Hearts and Mercy UK , each Christmas encouraging friends and relatives of church members to put together a basket with some extra special gifts enclosed, something that the residents of these programs would be grateful for, and that would just be a big surprise and put that smile on their faces!

Assembling the baskets took a lot of time and effort.  Each basket must be checked thoroughly to make sure it’s safe before delivery to the recipients.  The next job was too deliver 25 of the baskets to Mercy UK in Oxenhope West Yorkshire with my wife and two daughters.

Some may think that it is quite out of the ordinary as a man to get involved with such an organisation, but I can truly say it has inspired me so much and long may my relationship with Mercy UK continue.

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