Chris Margrave

Director of Investment, WDH

Chris has worked in the construction industry for 30 years and further built on his skills and knowledge whilst directing and leading WDH’s award-winning Investment team in Chris Margrave excess of 100 employees.

This has included directing significant projects such as Decent Homes circa £12 million annually, the inception of an in house new build team, building high quality energy efficient homes with a Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) and the refurbishment of Independent Living schemes with an annual budget of £6 million. Chris has developed a planned and procured blend of in house labour and preferred specialist contractors to deliver an annual investment programme in excess of £30 million. Chris is also responsible for the delivery of WDH’s development programme with an annual budget of £30 million delivering 350 new homes per year, and is committed to the delivery of affordable housing and to provide an exemplar service to clients, colleagues and stakeholders.

As Director of Investments compliance, VFM and Health and safety are at the core of every project he is responsible for. He actively promotes this within the teams, encouraging education and continuous personal development, focussed on strengthening management teams to deliver an efficient and profitable construction solution.