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EN Procure Heating, Electrical & Roofing Framework awarded

EN Procure Heating Electical Roofing Framework

Construction companies of a range of sizes have been appointed to the 7 lots of the EN Procure Heating, Electrical and Roofing Framework.

The new framework offers social housing landlords a flexible framework to meet their individual requirements for elemental replacement works, running alongside EN’s Installers Framework to provide a broader suite of options for members seeking a mixed economy or self-delivery approach.

The Framework aims to provide cost savings to housing providers by using volume procurement and collaborative purchasing strategies to realise savings and added value.  Landlords can also benefit from benchmarking across a range of suppliers and contractors to ensure true best value is achieved.

Added social value measures are also embedded to maximise the framework’s positive impact in local communities, whereby Framework contractors are required to offer a minimum of 2 full time training opportunities per £1m project value spent through the framework. Efficiency North provide targeted support to ensure that the training opportunities deliver the greatest social benefit.

With a range of available contract options including JCT, NEC and PPC, the framework has been designed with users in mind to offer maximum ease and flexibility of use.

CLICK HERE for a full list of appointed contractors by lot.

For further information about the framework please contact the Framework Management Team on 0330 606 1460

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